Moose ECO Jute bag

Moose ECO Jute bag

SKU: 0028

Devote yourself to the environment and help protect nature with the modern, perfectly sized jute bag. The natural jute has a warm, light brown color and shows off the king of the forest, a big moose, portrait in a cool stencil print. It sends a strong message with the text “Sweden, ECO BAG” to promote eco-friendly products. This new, sensational material is also known as one of the United Nations four “future fibres” and offers a list of environmental benefits. By choosing jute fibre you get a 100% biodegradable and recyclable material that does not generate any toxic gases when burnt like other textile materials. External and chemical fertilizers are not needed when cultivating jute thanks to its natural enrichment of the soil. Jute fibres have a spectacular golden and silky shine and that is why they have another name, the Golden Fibre. Support nature’s ecosystem and future by getting some golden fibers! 

  • Specifications

    Material: 100% Jute  

    Size: 33,5 cm x 43 cm

    Weight: 350 g