Geometric moose T-shirt

Geometric moose T-shirt

SKU: 00214

This is an amazing T-shirt in high quality 100% cotton with an unique print of a geometrical moose. The moose print is in natural brown shades and the geometrical pattern of white lines create a modern and artistic look. The geometrical pattern is made up of triangles and squares and actually moose have a funny triangular shape on their own body. The long moose nose ends in two nostrils and a black, wet triangle (rhinarium) on the tip of the nose. Moose have cold receptors in the triangle’s tissues and can sense where evaporative cooling is highest in the nearby surroundings and thereby determine the wind’s direction. That is a really practical skill for finding food and water, so once again nature has created a spectacular animal trait, which you can think about when wearing this cool shirt!

  • Specifications

    Material: 100% cotton

    Size: M (chest: 50 cm, length: 69 cm),  L (chest: 52 cm, length: 71 cm)

    Weight: 130 g