Toothpick holder in moose horn

Toothpick holder in moose horn

SKU: 00255

This wonderful toothpick holder is the perfect addition for nature lovers table decoration or a raw item hanging out in your home bar. It is handmade from recycled moose horn and locally produced in Dalsland by Lars Olof Karlsson. The moose horn has impressive details in the horn structure that reveals the blood veins that once ran in the horn during the growth time. Moose shed and grow out new horns in the same way in the winter months and early spring. While the horns grow they are alive like any body part and blood veins supply the necessary resources for the growth and bust (a soft fur) which covers the horns. Just before mating the moose rub their fully grown horns free of bust and sharp horn tips appear and they are ready for fighting in the mating season. A small item with a big story to tell! 

  • Specifications

    Material: Moose horn

    Size: 7 cm x 5,5 cm  

    Weight: 140 g 

    Cleaning: Hand wash only - dishwashing machines wear down the horn material