RÖKÅ Butter knife in deer horn

RÖKÅ Butter knife in deer horn

SKU: 00192

This natural butter knife in a light colored deer horn with a high quality stainless steel knife blade will happily butter your bread and sandwich every day. It fits all nordic style homes with its natural look. The amazing deer horn handle shows stunning details and reminds you that it has been carried through wind, rain and snow in the Swedish forests by the elegant deer. Deer drop their horns every year to grow out a new, stronger pair and this makes it possible to collect and recycle the deer horn. It is locally produced and recycled in Dalsland by Lars Olof Karlsson. 

  • Specifications

    Material: Deer horn, stainless steel 

    Size: 18,5 cm 

    Weight: 70 g 

    Cleaning: Hand wash only - dishwashing machines wear down the horn material